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Ichor! Ichor!

Image of Ichor! Ichor!


CD album on Mother Should Know Records. Nine tracks of filthy sludge goodness.

"...a timeless, musical benchmark for Sludge Metal bands everywhere. Listen to Bastard Of The Skies people and hear how its done. Pulverizing goodness." Earthdog Promotions

"...a total fucking MONSTER of a record. A YUUUUGE, betentacled colossus of a monster." The Sleeping Shaman


1. Just A Horse
2. Can You Fly Bobby?
3. (Tree Of) Woe
4. A Legendary Temper
5. Evensong
6. Lariat
7. Splendour! Splendour!
8. Skies Of The Bastard
9. Debbie Rochon (special, secret, bonus track)

£6.00 with UK shipping.
£7.50 non UK shipping.