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S/T album

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Self titled 2008 debut album on Meltdown Records. Nine tracks. Limited numbers.

“Awesome - the soundtrack to drowning in a swamp full of your own shite.” Zero Tolerance

“...they mercilessly beat the listener into submission...expect great things from these brutes” - Rocksound

“...the wall of noise that these guys create is truly something to behold” - Hellride Music


1. Deputy Lou Ford
2. But Our Princess Is In Another Castle
3. (18 And A Half Stone) Parts Unknown
4. You, Foe
5. A Traitor In The Herd
6. Michael Fucking Dudikoff
7. Shitfire
8. Cowards! Cowards!
9. Kubrick Zirconia

£6.00 with UK shipping.
£7.50 non UK shipping.